Tile & Grout

  • Fletcher's not only specializes in carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning, we also have the appropriate industrial strength tools to address tile and grout as well. While you might spend hours scouring grout lines in your shower and on your kitchen wall or floor, our professionals are trained and certified to use professional equipment that cleans, as well as sanitizes, your tile and grout.

    We Eliminate Bacteria

    Though you might not be able to see it, grout is riddled with tiny pores. Many tiny bacteria easily find their way deep into the grout lines. That little fact might disturb you considering that tile and grout are usually found in the shower and in the kitchen. While there does not appear to be a better alternative in the meantime, there is a lot professional cleaners can do to ensure that your tile and grout stay clean and bacteria free. 



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