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  • At Fletcher's, we believe that smart consumers like to save money. Just because you have a damaged area, like a stain or burn, doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the entire thing. In fact, we can repair it using proven techniques in such a way that you will never notice there was a blemish to begin with.

    Is your carpet damaged, stained or wrinkled?

    If you've ever had that sinking feeling from discovering a carpet rip/tear, ink stain, pet urine stain, or burn blemish, then you should give us a call and find out more about our carpet restoration techniques. If unsightly wrinkles suddenly appear, you might be surprised how well our carpet stretching process works. Best of all, our carpet stretching technique does not even require that your heaviest pieces of furniture be moved.

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  • Here is What We Do:

    - Patching
    - Stretching
    - Carpet to Floor Transitions
    - Pet Damage/Stain Repair
    - Seam Repair

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  • More About Our Services…

    Carpet Patching -  When you need a carpet patched because you have a damaged carpet, we'll ask you to provide the carpet that will be necessary to finish the job. If you don't have any spare carpet handy, not to worry. We can just steal some from your closet if that's OK with you, otherwise you need to find the carpet at a carpet store. 

    Carpet Stretching - Carpet wrinkles, bubbles, or ridges are all symptoms of a loose carpet. When you call in Fletcher's to re-stretch your carpet we will use a power stretcher and back up our work with our satisfaction guarantee. If your carpet becomes loose again, we will come back out free of charge to fix it!

    Carpet to Floor Transitions - The last step in getting a new floor installed is the carpet to floor transition. Many hardwood floor and tile contractors do not do this because it requires specialized carpet tools (which, of course we have!). 

    Pet Damage Repair - If you leave a dog or a cat in a locked room they may try to dig their way out due to separation anxiety. When a dog or cat try's to claw their way out of a closed door, you will need a patch to repair it. If you have some extra carpet from the original installation I can use it for the carpet patch, if you don't have some left over from the carpet installation, I can take a piece from a closet or under a piece of furniture.

    Seam Repair - Carpets are usually seamed together using a seam tape and a hot carpet iron. In many cases, the seams split, break or come undone. This can be caused by improper installation, heavy foot traffic, de-lamination and fraying to name a few. Whatever the reason, Fletcher's has the tools and know-how to get your carpet seams back in order!

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